Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Science - AIG Heat and Energy Units 5 and 6

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For unit 5, we learned about waves and sound by
making waves with a rope,
seeing sound waves (courtesy of the awesome bass in our van and the group Home Free),
observing transverse and longitudinal waves, testing objects to see if they reflect or absorb sound, measuring the speed of sound, experimenting with pitch
amplifying sound by making our own stethoscope,
studying waves and interference in waves. We skipped creating our own Doppler and other sound effects, lesson 27, and the special feature on J.S. Bach.

In unit 6, we learned about light. We skipped the blue experiments in lesson 28 but we did experiment with shadows, split light into its rainbow of colors, combined light by spinning our color wheels on a pencil.
We experimented with various materials to see which was most reflective,

showed how the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. This one works best with a laser pointer. A regular flashlight's beam isn't focused enough to make it work.
We observed refraction and how density affects refraction.
We skipped a few lessons in this section for sake of time. We didn't do lesson 31, lesson 33, and the projects for lesson 34.

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