Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day #7 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (The Pantry)

I'm really liking the Getting Organized Challenge hosted by A Bowl Full of Lemons. I'm late joining up which you can read more about here. I haven't been able to do the challenge every day because some of our spaces just aren't ready for organizing with all our home renovations.
I did finally get all our food put away so I'm jumping in for Day 7 which is to organize the pantry.
This house doesn't have a pantry closet or even a tall cupboard. Our regular cabinets are original to the house and only a few have adjustable shelves so getting modern-day food to fit was a challenge. So most of our boxed food sat in boxes for 1 1/2 months.
See the bottom left corner.
Down the road, we'd like to redo the whole kitchen but in the meantime, we found cabinets for an empty wall at our local Habitat Re-Store. So the new cabinets became our pantry of sorts.
The first cabinet is for our "breakfast" foods. Fruit cups, cereal, toaster pastries, fig newtons, and instant oatmeal.

The 2nd cabinet has our snacks and boxed baking mixes. I was a little short on Tupperware but in looking to get some more online, I found out that Tupperware was having a huge sale on their modular mates. As soon as my order arrived, I washed 'em, filled 'em, and of course, labeled 'em.

Cabinet 3 has my cookbooks and some taller spices and baking needs.

Over by the stove, I have 2 cabinets. This one has almost all baking supplies.

And this one has ingredients to make dinner. :)

I think the modular mates are ideal for pantry storage because they stack so well and keep everything fresh!

See more great organizing ideas or join the challenge yourself!

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