Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Top Projects

I was just giving a house tour to a friend who hadn't been to our home for a year. She had seen things when they were still rough (aka no walls or ceiling in the bathroom and beds in the basement.) Looking at the house through her eyes made me realize how much we've actually done this past year!
We redid 2 bathrooms,
Painted every room in the house as well as the basement (except the shop area),
Replaced all the windows and the front door,
Replaced the cabinets in the laundry room,
Put new flooring in the laundry room and kitchen,
Created the school room and my craft space in the basement,
Fixed the chimneys,

Redid all of the landscaping, and
Here's a countdown of my most popular posts this past year:
#7 Organizing our 'Command Central'
I loved my summer mantelscape. But I really like my spring, Easter, fall, and Christmas mantels too. Please don't ask me to pick a favorite! I'll let you decide which you like best. SPRING, EASTER, FALL, CHRISTMAS

#5 Painted Magazine Holders
#4 My New Craft Space!
I still love my space! I've been using it hard too. :) It's nice to be able to spread out and work on things but not have to clean it up if I haven't finished the project. I can just leave it out and walk away.
#3 Homemade Laundry Detergent
Update: I've been using this since March and love it! Our clothes are clean and I'm saving money. Win-win! Plus it's so easy to make. I'll never go back to store-bought detergent again. Give it a try!
#2 Our New School Room

Our school room has been put to good use to. The kids love their desks and having their own spaces. I'm glad we got 2 bookshelves since they've been filling up. The bright colors make it a happy place to spend our school days (except when we get to the "really hard work".) :)

And my #1 post of 2011 was my Summer 'I'm Bored' Jar

A few of my personal favorite projects included:
The Mr. and Mrs. Pillow Covers
The DIY Sand Table (Courtesy of the hubby)

and My Bird Art

So after a year of hard work, I'd say we made a good dent in the to-do list. But there's more to come!
I think it'll be a busy year.... we've got big dreams to make this house fit our family, and I've discovered Pinterest. :) Can't wait to get started! Let's go.....

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  1. great projects - and you have a beautiful blog. All the best in 2012.


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